The 7 Crucial  Steps You MUST Do To Make
$100,000 Online, From Scratch In The Next 12 Months...

From: Ace & Rich Guzman
RE: How to Fire Your Boss, Work from Anywhere and Live "The Laptop Lifestyle" Making Six-Figures Online...

Ok firstly… Who are we?

And why should you trust us, this is the definitive guide to earning six figures online in the next twelve months? Note also that I said from scratch… This means that you are brand-new or that you've never made a dime on the Internet.

Before we dive into "The Seven Steps You Must Take", Let’s Go Back to where it all began…

Just a few years ago I was a regular single mom working two different jobs and going to business school. (I’m sure you can relate). I used to work hard 5 days a week, just barely spending enough time with my son.

I Used to Dread Waking up in the Morning!

Ever step out of bed in the morning and you just want the ground to swallow you whole, because you're so sick of the monotonous, meaningless grind… Doing the same old bull-shit every day?

I know EXACTLY how you feel - That was me!

I Literally Wanted to Walk Out…

To make matters worse, my boss at the bridal company I used to work for was a power crazed fascist dictator who used to thrive on ordering us sales girls about like soldiers going into battle!… I mean this guy was ridiculous - he would time us coming back from a toilet break, tapping his watch with a frown upon his head (seriously)… I was given more respect as a 7-year-old in first grade!

Celebrating our first 6-Figure income on the beach, Maui, Hawaii

I Had No Life. I Had No Time for Friends or Family

Like a good little soldier I marched on working longer and LONGER hours with my second job as a personal care assistant, even on weekends… Crazy, but sad...

I used to tell myself, that its all normal that if I keep plugging away at my career that one day I will be rewarded for my efforts as a bridal consultant.

There Was Always Too Much "Month Left At The End Of The Money"

Working in New Jersey, I made a pretty good salary, however… New Jersey is one of the most expensive states to live in the United States due to high taxes. Apartment rent, transport and the general cost of living is crazy. For all of the perks living and working in the capital city, I was always so broke and working too many hours!

I NEVER had the time or money to really enjoy being with my son. My bank account was always minus zero, forcing me to scrape by eating "rice and beans" until payday.

Then I Tried Network Marketing for 4 Grueling Years

I had bigger dreams than being stuck in an cubicle and figured there had to be a better way, so I went to a network marketing meeting and got very excited watching some guy draw circles and squares on a whiteboard, talking about the "2 gets 2, who get 2, who get 2 plan" that was going to help me become a millionaire!

I got VERY excited...

So I soon quit my job to work my MLM business full-time, working even longer hours… Pitching to everyone - the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker!… I remember being totally embarrassed dragging my family and friends to hotel meetings!

"Just few months ago Karen Richardson made $20,000 with the Super Affiliate Network

In Debt, and No House!

I learned some good lessons about prospecting, building relationships, closing sales and team building, however MLM is for the most part a broken business model. One that left me in debt and no house of my own… To the point where I completely ran out of money and had to live with my parents, two brothers, while collecting welfare.

Forced to Go Back and Live with My Mom and Dad!

I'm blessed to have such a great family, but at 25 years old it is pretty embarrassing to have to go and live with your mom and dad. I felt like a complete failure! I felt like I had let everyone down who had faith in me to make something of myself…

I am the only one to blame as I did make many mistakes and bad choices as a young adult. From leaving home at 18 to rush get married to being divorced 4 years later to meeting someone online who I thought would be the one and left me alone and pregnant with my son.

So I was forced to swallow humble pie, starting my life over from my mom's tiny spare room (which was more like a storage closet)

My Lucky Break - Finding My Mentor

One night I received a Skype call from a friend in Puerto Rico who wanted to introduce me to his partner, a 6-Figure internet marketer named Rich Guzman.

He was 13 years older than I was, had been through similar trials and tribulations starting his internet business because he was broke, homeless, and couldn't afford to pay his rent!… He had gone from being a flat broke musician to earning his first $187,000 within his first 6 months as one of the top internet marketers.

And he agreed to take me on not only as his protege and teach me his plan but we fell in love. ( Hey...who would of thought that would happen me and my coach/mentor)

From being homeless and broke to living the laptop lifestyle in Maui Hawaii!

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I Made $12,614.80 My Very First Month Online

Following what he taught me exactly, using free marketing strategies to drive traffic (because I was broke) like YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, and Solo Ads… I was shocked when in my very 1st month I generated over 2,000 "opt-ins" resulting in exactly $12,614.80 profit my very 1st month online.

That $12k was a life saver!… It stop me from going bankrupt and the crazy thing was...

My Monthly Income Kept Growing

$12,136.90 the next month…

Then $19,369.27

I remember like it was yesterday. August 22, 2016 I flew to Maui, Hawaii with my partner Rich and my son to be coached by an internet millionaire at this private retreat. My coach Misha did this training on stage on how to triple your income in one month. I jumped on that plan like a hungry wolf and this is what happened…

$67,038.80 in my sixth month…

So I Fired My Boss

Celebrated my 36th birthday on the 4th…Turned in my two weeks notice and I stepped out on the 22nd of August, 2016 onto the pristine white sand of Walea Beach in Maui, Hawaii, feeling incredibly proud but also quite astounded because just a little over 6 months ago, I had been completely broke and homeless!… However I had applied the secret formula

Drum Roll...

The Right Mentor + A Proven System + Consistent Daily Action = Massive Success

Alice Reddy "Once I Implemented What I Learned From Misha's Training, I Made Over $5,000 In My First Month!"

Making over $10,000 per Month Living the Dream

within less than a year from starting online, I cracked my first 10K per month in profits...

Now Rich and I look forward to waking up next to each other and being able to spend quality time with our son…

I can now go anywhere I want and work from my laptop anywhere there is a internet connection…

I amassed a huge following of business builders who eagerly followed in my footsteps. Leading my tribe of "Internet warriors"… We broke every company sales record and won all the "top sales" in the company.

My rag-tag team...

Stay at home moms,  stay at home dads, retail professionals, college students, truck drivers and other professionals… Were all duplicating my step-by-step plan and cracking their first $10,000 month online, literally WITHIN WEEKS from starting!

Paying It Forward

Rich and I became a power couple and together we collaborated with our mentor Misha to teach other people this foolproof formula under 2 conditions…

1) You MUST do as we say, without question, even if it doesn't make sense to you at the time

2) When you have success, you must pay it forward and teach this formula to EVERY aspiring internet entrepreneur you can find

Now It's Your Turn

We have already helped hundreds of people escape the shackles of the status quo.  Many of the people that we have coached have gone on to become 6-Figure earners and even one of their father’s just joined the company.

Are YOU Deadly Serious About Making $100,000 Online in The Next 12 Months?… (Then Read the Next Part Carefully)

You've probably tried a bunch of home business programs and Internet marketing opportunities, most likely with little or no success (am I correct?). Reading this email, I hope that you can see from my transparency that I am honest, authentic and really do want to help you to become my next success story!

Having the ability to create a lifestyle by design that my son can enjoy is priceless!

Crucial Step #1: Coaching And Mentoring By A 7-Figure Earner

The number 1 reason why people are failing is because they don't have a good coach/mentor. Would you believe that 19/20 Internet entrepreneurs are trying to build this business alone!… Check this out, I'm coaching a new student in my Internet marketing businesses, I always ask them what kind of coaching and mentoring they've had. The answer is almost always the same…

"Ace, I've never had any coaching or mentoring!..."

You will be amazed at how fast you can grow your business with the help of a really great coach/mentor. Instead of working in the dark, listening to advice from everything and everyone, being frustrated to the point of wanting to throw your computer out the window…

Start by getting a personal business coach that can put together a game plan for you that will increase your monthly income 10 fold.

Crucial Step #2: High Ticket Commissions

Making $100,000 per year (or $10k/month) isn't rocket science! It's a matter of economics. Think about it… When you are making $2000 commissions on average, it only takes 5 sales to have a $10,000 month!

...And it's actually just as easy to make $2000 commissions as is to earn $20 commissions!

The big problem and reason why so many Internet marketers are broke is because they are promoting "low ticket” offers with measly $20-$50 commissions that requires an avalanche of traffic to even make $2,000 per month!

I do not miss those tiny little commissions…

When I had my first $19,000 month… It was less than 10 total sales

Scott V" I've only been in for 5 days and already have an annual sale and a couple recurring sales! This is the Bomb!"

Crucial Step #3: Having Your Own Professional Sales Funnel

This is really the true secret sauce of the top six-figure earners.  It don’t matter what it is you’re trying to sell online, having your own professional sales funnel is the ultimate way.

It’s the most systematic way to build trust, build that relationship and to encourage your customers to buy from your own brand…

Plus, it is incredibly powerful when implemented correctly.  If you take a look around the internet, then chances are you have come across many various types of sales funnels without even realizing it.

You might be wondering well What’s a sales funnel exactly? What does it do for your business? And how can you tap into its power for yourself? Those are the questions we’re going to be answering in this report.

Crucial Step #4: A Perpetual Money Making Machine

Building your own funnels requires a lot of work and a lot of money. In order for you to maximize profits and conversions from your traffic you must have a high converting marketing system which is what we call, “A Perpetual Money Making Machine”.

The goal of a funnel is to do the convincing and selling to your customers so they can buy more products from your company.  This increases your lifetime customer value and puts you into profit.

But a major problem many newbie marketers face is the time and expense it goes into creating the website, sales capture pages, follow-up emails, webinars and hosting all themselves.

Seems like too much for ya right, yeah I thought the same too when I first started but this is what you must have in place if you want to earn a 6-Figure income online.

Even if you dedicate months and months of hard work learning the skills to build all these things, without years of technical and marketing expertise you are likely to simply waste your money by sending paid traffic to a funnel that simply does not convert!

Having a "done for you" high converting marketing system is essential. You will be using the same high converting marketing system that I do. The entire sales funnel is ready for you to simply drive traffic to (promote on the web), complete with professional videos, email auto responders… Doing all of the telling and selling for you

Crucial Step #5: Secrets To Making High Value Products That Sell Like Crazy

So many marketers struggling to have success, simply because they are promoting the wrong product for the wrong reasons. They think that, just because they love their product everyone else should too.

A great business does NOT revolve around a great product, that's a HUGE common misconception. Some of the greatest products in the world, don't sell much for lots of reasons!

Firstly your product must be unique. There are companies that have been around for ever, who dominate their marketplace and are hard to beat. If your product has thousands of competitors then it's going to make you hard to stand out from the crowd. It's very difficult to be successful in a saturated market .

If your problem isn't unique, then it easy to copy or "knockoff" and inevitably somebody will copy your product, take it to the marketplace at a lower price and in many cases make it look better than you do.

Your product must be high value and in high demand. Especially on the Internet to many products are nothing more than hyped up empty promises with little real value. They are just "money making gimmicks" and recycled worthless information.

Unless you are solving peoples problems or delivering extreme benefits, you are selling buckets of air. You will get a lot of complaints, refunds, headaches and a bad reputation back and haunt you for ever

Crucial Step #6: Investing Into Your Own Intellectual Capital To Learn New Skills

One fatal mistake that many so called, “Wannabee” internet marketers do is how they treat their business with an amateur mentality. They get started in their opportunity and think about buying the most expensive traffic from the first week in business hoping to see if the sales are going to start pouring in and instant riches are going to happen overnight.

I got news for you it’s not going to happen, sorry to burst your bubble and don’t let the gurus try to fool you into believing their bullshit tactics that is can happen.   You must learn that in order for you to earn $100,000 in 12 months, it’s going to take investment of both time and money to build your own intellectual capital.

This is your most valuable asset and that means when you invest into it over time you will have invaluable skills that you can take with you no matter what you are marketing or promoting.

The way to do this is with attending masterminds, buying educational courses, reading books, listening to audios by influential people and learning new skill-sets.  Let me tell you this…when you understand all this knowledge and increase your personal value to the world your ideal customer will pay you for what you are worth and that my friend is powerful.

Our system has a “narrow hallway with no side doors" so you don’t lose focus and you have total clarity.  Inside the boot camp are a series of videos that shows you exactly every strategy, tactic, and system we use in order to grow your business to 6 & 7 Figures in less time.

You will also be able to attend live weekly training webinars and coaching calls as you look over our shoulders teaching you everything step-by-step.

Dan Muscat "Just made my first sale in the same day I joined The Super Affiliate Network! Never seen success like this before!"

Crucial Step #7: One-On-One Personal Coaching

Without having a one-on-one personal coach, it can be very difficult to try and build a 6-Figure business on the internet by yourself.  What I know now I wish I knew back then I would be so much further and earning multiple 7-Figures every month.

What I'm seeing right now in my personal business is members reaching ten thousand dollars per month within six months. Much of the success and testimonials we have come from students who have received one-on-one personal coaching the very first day they get started.

We like to add that you don’t get just one coach with our system but you technically get 3 coaches (me and Rich) as a bonus incentive when you decide to work with us as your mentors.

We have a team of dedicated coaches that get assigned to every member that are ready to assist you with your online business.  Each coach helps you understand all the training modules and literally holds you by the hand when necessary.

One thing that makes our coaches unique is how these coaches are also marketing the system themselves so they can better assist you in growing your 6-Figure ecosystem.

Rich and I are already working with several students who are already earning over $8,000 in their first 3 weeks.


When you take action today…


Not only are you going to receive a done for you lead generation machine, I’ll also give you multiple products to promote, with multiple done for you up-sells, and multiple high ticket offers! This will allow you to unlock multiple streams of residual income, and high ticket commissions, allowing you to enjoy the life-changing benefits of more time, freedom, and money that comes along with having a fully optimized profit pulling machine!


Plus as an added Bonus you will get:


Bonus #1 - Access to our private weekly Inner Circle, access to our Hot Seat coaching call, and our private Facebook group.

Bonus #2 - A 30 Minute One-on-One Coaching call with me and Rich.

Bonus #3 - Our top secret Facebook Marketing training.

Bonus #4 - How to Drive Hungry Buyers to Your Website GUARANTEED!

Bonus #5 - Fast Start Bonus: How To Get You Into Profit Mode In Your First 14 Days


I’m going to keep it real here, I know you have been bombarded with too many business opportunity offers.  I know it can get very frustrating trying to figure out what is real and what is going to benefit you and your family for the long term.  We totally get it, we were once in the same exact shoes that you are probably in right now.

Not every top marketer online can teach…

Most of these guys just made it so fast to the level of their success that they can’t even remember how they got there…so it’s hard for them to be teachers.


So join and lock arms with us as your internet marketing business coaches and create your freedom by design as the CEO of your own lifestyle business.

To our mutual success,
Ace & Rich Guzman

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